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Model description paper
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17 Feb 2022
Model description paper | Highlight paper |  | 17 Feb 2022

CSDMS: a community platform for numerical modeling of Earth surface processes

Gregory E. Tucker, Eric W. H. Hutton, Mark D. Piper, Benjamin Campforts, Tian Gan, Katherine R. Barnhart, Albert J. Kettner, Irina Overeem, Scott D. Peckham, Lynn McCready, and Jaia Syvitski

Model code and software

Landlab 2.0.1 Eric Hutton, Katy Barnhart, Dan Hobley, Greg Tucker, Sai Siddhartha Nudurupati, Jordan Adams, Nicole M. Gasparini, Charlie Shobe, Ronda Strauch, Jenny Knuth, Margaux Mouchene, Nathan Lyons, David Litwin, Rachel Glade, Giuseppecipolla95, Amanda Manaster, Abigail Langston, Kristen Thyng, and Francis Rengers

Basic Model Interface 2.0 Eric W. H. Hutton, Mark D. Piper, and Gregory E. Tucker

babelizer 0.3.8 Eric Hutton and Mark Piper

Python Modeling Toolkit (pymt) 1.3.1 Eric Hutton, Mark Piper, Tian Gan, Albert Kettner, and Niels Drost

Python code and documentation for island simulation example Gregory E. Tucker

Short summary
Scientists use computer simulation models to understand how Earth surface processes work, including floods, landslides, soil erosion, river channel migration, ocean sedimentation, and coastal change. Research benefits when the software for simulation modeling is open, shared, and coordinated. The Community Surface Dynamics Modeling System (CSDMS) is a US-based facility that supports research by providing community support, computing tools and guidelines, and educational resources.