Articles | Volume 14, issue 9
Geosci. Model Dev., 14, 5561–5582, 2021
Geosci. Model Dev., 14, 5561–5582, 2021

Model evaluation paper 09 Sep 2021

Model evaluation paper | 09 Sep 2021

Australian tidal currents – assessment of a barotropic model (COMPAS v1.3.0 rev6631) with an unstructured grid

David A. Griffin et al.

Data sets

AusTEN National Tidal model data. v3. Mike Herzfeld, David Griffin, Mark Hemer, Uwe Rosebrock, Farhan Rizwi, and Claire Trenham

ARENA Tidal currents and sea level David A. Griffin

Current velocity time-series IMOS

Model code and software

EMS Release v1.4.0. v1 CSIRO

Short summary
In support of the developing ocean renewable energy sector, and indeed all mariners, we have developed a new tidal model for Australian waters and thoroughly evaluated it using a new compilation of tide gauge and current meter data. We show that while there is certainly room for improvement, the model provides useful predictions of tidal currents for about 80 % (by area) of Australian shelf waters. So we intend to commence publishing tidal current predictions for those regions soon.