Articles | Volume 14, issue 7
Model description paper
29 Jul 2021
Model description paper |  | 29 Jul 2021

SCOPE 2.0: a model to simulate vegetated land surface fluxes and satellite signals

Peiqi Yang, Egor Prikaziuk, Wout Verhoef, and Christiaan van der Tol

Model code and software

Christiaanvan- dertol/SCOPE: SCOPEv2.0 (Version v2.0) C. Van der Tol, E. Prikaziuk, and P. Yang

Short summary
Since the first publication 12 years ago, the SCOPE model has been applied in remote sensing studies of solar-induced chlorophyll fluorescence (SIF), energy balance fluxes, gross primary productivity (GPP), and directional thermal signals. Here, we present a thoroughly revised version, SCOPE 2.0, which features a number of new elements.