Articles | Volume 14, issue 7
Geosci. Model Dev., 14, 4159–4185, 2021
Geosci. Model Dev., 14, 4159–4185, 2021

Model evaluation paper 02 Jul 2021

Model evaluation paper | 02 Jul 2021

The ENEA-REG system (v1.0), a multi-component regional Earth system model: sensitivity to different atmospheric components over the Med-CORDEX (Coordinated Regional Climate Downscaling Experiment) region

Alessandro Anav et al.

Data sets

ERA Interim, Daily European Reanalysis ERA-Interim


Medar/medatlas II Web site Mediterranean Data Archaeology and Rescue

Model code and software

uturuncoglu/RegESM: Customized version of 1.2 for ENEA (Version 1.2.0\_enea) U. Turunçoğlu, G. Giuliani, and G. Sannino

uturuncoglu/WRF: RegESM compatible version of WRF (Version 3.8.1\_cpl) U. Turunçoğlu

uturuncoglu/MITgcm: RegESM modeling system compatible MITgcm model (Version 1.0.0\_cpl) U. Turunçoğlu

ictp-esp/RegCM: Paper Release (Version 4.7.1) Filippo Giorgi, Fabien Solmon, Bi Xunjang, Erika Coppola, Giuliani Graziano, Ufuk Turunçoğlu, Ivan Güttler, Laura Mariotti, Rita Nogherotto, Travis A. O'Brien, Ahmed Tawfik, Nellie Elguindi; Stefano Piani, Jeremy Pal, Tefera Diro Gulilat; Shalaby Ahmed

The HD Model S. Hagemann

uturuncoglu/HD: New version of coupling capable HD model (Version 1.1.0) U. Turunçoğlu

Short summary
The Mediterranean Basin is a complex region, characterized by the presence of pronounced topography and a complex land–sea distribution including a considerable number of islands and straits; these features generate strong local atmosphere–sea interactions. Regional Earth system models have been developed and used to study both present and future Mediterranean climate systems. The main aims of this paper are to present and evaluate the newly developed regional Earth system model ENEA-REG.