Articles | Volume 14, issue 6
Model evaluation paper
29 Jun 2021
Model evaluation paper |  | 29 Jun 2021

Performance of the Adriatic Sea and Coast (AdriSC) climate component – a COAWST V3.3-based coupled atmosphere–ocean modelling suite: atmospheric dataset

Cléa Denamiel, Petra Pranić, Damir Ivanković, Iva Tojčić, and Ivica Vilibić

Data sets

Evaluation of the AdriSC climate model: atmospheric part C. Denamiel

Model code and software

AdriSC Climate Model: evaluation run C. Denamiel,

Short summary
The atmospheric results of the Adriatic Sea and Coast (AdriSC) climate simulation (1987–2017) are evaluated against available observational datasets in the Adriatic region. Generally, the AdriSC model performs better than regional climate models that have resolutions that are 4 times more coarse, except concerning summer temperatures, which are systematically underestimated. High-resolution climate models may thus provide new insights about the local impacts of global warming in the Adriatic.