Articles | Volume 14, issue 1
Model description paper
22 Jan 2021
Model description paper |  | 22 Jan 2021

CLIMADA v1.4.1: towards a globally consistent adaptation options appraisal tool

David N. Bresch and Gabriela Aznar-Siguan

Model code and software

CLIMADA_python v1.4.1 D. N. Bresch, G. Aznar Siguan, V. Bozzini, R. Bungener, S. Eberenz, J. Hartman, E. Mühlhofer, M. Peìrus, T. Röösli, I. Sauer, E. Schmid, Z. Stalhandske, C. Stein- mann. and D. Stocker

Short summary
Climate change is a fact and adaptation a necessity. The Economics of Climate Adaptation methodology provides a framework to integrate risk and reward perspectives of different stakeholders, underpinned by the CLIMADA impact modelling platform. This extended version of CLIMADA enables risk assessment and options appraisal in a modular form and occasionally bespoke fashion yet with high reusability of functionalities to foster usage in interdisciplinary studies and international collaboration.