Articles | Volume 14, issue 4
Model description paper
27 Apr 2021
Model description paper |  | 27 Apr 2021

A new Lagrangian in-time particle simulation module (Itpas v1) for atmospheric particle dispersion

Matthias Faust, Ralf Wolke, Steffen Münch, Roger Funk, and Kerstin Schepanski

Data sets

In-time particle simulation (Itpas) - sample data Matthias Faust

Model code and software

In-time particle simulation (Itpas) module in the framework of the COSMO-Model Matthias Faust

mttfst/dust-bubble: randomised test input Matthias Faust

mttfst/trajectory-plot: Trajectory-Plot - Paper Version Matthias Faust

mttfst/trajectory-cross-section: paper version, prep for sample data Matthias Faust

Short summary
Trajectory dispersion models are powerful and intuitive tools for tracing air pollution through the atmosphere. But the turbulent nature of the atmospheric boundary layer makes it challenging to provide accurate predictions near the surface. To overcome this, we propose an approach using wind and turbulence information at high temporal resolution. Finally, we demonstrate the strength of our approach in a case study on dust emissions from agriculture.