Articles | Volume 14, issue 1
Geosci. Model Dev., 14, 125–149, 2021
Geosci. Model Dev., 14, 125–149, 2021

Development and technical paper 11 Jan 2021

Development and technical paper | 11 Jan 2021

Calibration of temperature-dependent ocean microbial processes in the cGENIE.muffin (v0.9.13) Earth system model

Katherine A. Crichton et al.

Model code and software

derpycode/cgenie.muffin: Crichton et al. [revised for GMD] Andy Ridgwell, Chris Reinhard, Sebastiaan van de Velde, Markus Adloff, DomHu, Jamie Wilson, Ben Ward, Fanny Monteiro, and Pam Vervoort

derpycode/muffindoc: Crichton et al. [2020] (GMD) (version v0.9.13) Andy Ridgwell, DomHu, Carlye Peterson, Ben Ward, sjszas, evansmn, and Rhi Jones

Short summary
Temperature is a controller of metabolic processes and therefore also a controller of the ocean's biological carbon pump (BCP). We calibrate a temperature-dependent version of the BCP in the cGENIE Earth system model. Since the pre-industrial period, warming has intensified near-surface nutrient recycling, supporting production and largely offsetting stratification-induced surface nutrient limitation. But at the same time less carbon that sinks out of the surface then reaches the deep ocean.