Articles | Volume 13, issue 12
Model description paper
03 Dec 2020
Model description paper |  | 03 Dec 2020

A spatiotemporal weighted regression model (STWR v1.0) for analyzing local nonstationarity in space and time

Xiang Que, Xiaogang Ma, Chao Ma, and Qiyu Chen

Data sets

quexiang/STWR: STWR v1.0 (Version v1.0) X. Que

Waterisotopes Database G. Bowen

PRISM Climate Data PRISM Climate Group

GMTED2010 Viewer USGS

Short summary
This paper presents a spatiotemporal weighted regression (STWR) model for exploring nonstationary spatiotemporal processes in nature and socioeconomics. A value change rate is introduced in the temporal kernel, which presents significant model fitting and accuracy in both simulated and real-world data. STWR fully incorporates observed data in the past and outperforms geographic temporal weighted regression (GTWR) and geographic weighted regression (GWR) models in several experiments.