Articles | Volume 13, issue 6
Model description paper
18 Jun 2020
Model description paper |  | 18 Jun 2020

Simulator for Hydrologic Unstructured Domains (SHUD v1.0): numerical modeling of watershed hydrology with the finite volume method

Lele Shu, Paul A. Ullrich, and Christopher J. Duffy

Data sets

Vauclin1979: v0.0.1 Lele Shu

Cache-Creek v0.0.1 Lele Shu

V-Catchment: v0.0.1 Lele Shu

Model code and software

SHUD: v1.0 Lele Shu

SHUDtoolbox: Ver 1.0 Lele Shu

Short summary
Hydrologic modeling is an essential strategy for understanding and predicting natural flows. The paper introduces the design of Simulator for Hydrologic Unstructured Domains (SHUD), from the conceptual and mathematical description of hydrologic processes in a watershed to the model's computational structures. To demonstrate and validate the model performance, we employ three hydrologic experiments: the V-Catchment experiment, Vauclin's experiment, and a model study of the Cache Creek Watershed.