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Model description paper
13 Dec 2019
Model description paper |  | 13 Dec 2019

TOPMELT 1.0: a topography-based distribution function approach to snowmelt simulation for hydrological modelling at basin scale

Mattia Zaramella, Marco Borga, Davide Zoccatelli, and Luca Carturan

Model code and software

TOPMELT source code and tutorial MAttia Zaramella, Davide Zoccatelli, Marco Borga

Short summary
This paper presents TOPMELT, a parsimonious snowpack simulation model integrated into a basin-scale hydrological model. TOPMELT implements the full spatial distribution of clear-sky potential solar radiation by means of a statistical representation: this approach reduces computational burden, which is a key potential advantage when parameter sensitivity and uncertainty estimation procedures are carried out. The model is assessed by examining different resolutions of its domain.