Articles | Volume 12, issue 9
Model description paper
06 Sep 2019
Model description paper |  | 06 Sep 2019

Toward an open access to high-frequency lake modeling and statistics data for scientists and practitioners – the case of Swiss lakes using Simstrat v2.1

Adrien Gaudard, Love Råman Vinnå, Fabian Bärenbold, Martin Schmid, and Damien Bouffard

Model code and software

Simstrat v2.1 F. Bärenbold, A. Gaudard, L. Raman Vinna, D. Bouffard, and M. Schmid

Simstrat Workflow Modelling A. Gaudard, F. Bärenbold, L. Raman Vinna, M. Schmid, and D. Bouffard

Short summary
We have developed an openly accessible web-based platform for visualization and promotion of easy access to one-dimensional hydrodynamic lake model output data updated in near-real time ( This platform was developed for 54 lakes in Switzerland, with potential for adaptation to other regional areas or even at a global worldwide scale using appropriate forcing input data.