Articles | Volume 12, issue 8
Model evaluation paper
26 Aug 2019
Model evaluation paper |  | 26 Aug 2019

Evaluation of a unique approach to high-resolution climate modeling using the Model for Prediction Across Scales – Atmosphere (MPAS-A) version 5.1

Allison C. Michaelis, Gary M. Lackmann, and Walter A. Robinson

Model code and software

SeasonalMPASCode A. Michaelis

Short summary
We present a novel set of atmospheric simulations designed to address changes in high-impact weather events. We simulate 10 years under current and projected late 21st century climate conditions. Our model reasonably replicates present-day climate features, reproduces features of climate change that are expected from global climate models, and captures smaller-scale, high-impact weather events. We anticipate these simulations will have great value in understanding changes in extreme weather.