Articles | Volume 12, issue 7
Model description paper
19 Jul 2019
Model description paper |  | 19 Jul 2019

CLIMADA v1: a global weather and climate risk assessment platform

Gabriela Aznar-Siguan and David N. Bresch

Data sets

CLIMADA_python v1.0.0 David N. Bresch and Gabriela Aznar-Siguan

Short summary
The need for assessing the risk of weather events is ever increasing. In addition to quantification of risk today, the role of aggravating factors such as population growth and changing climate conditions matter too. We present the open-source software CLIMADA, which integrates hazard, exposure, and vulnerability to compute metrics to assess risk and to quantify socio-economic impact, and use it to estimate and contextualize the damage of hurricane Irma through the Caribbean in 2017.