Articles | Volume 12, issue 7
Development and technical paper
15 Jul 2019
Development and technical paper |  | 15 Jul 2019

Scientific workflows applied to the coupling of a continuum (Elmer v8.3) and a discrete element (HiDEM v1.0) ice dynamic model

Shahbaz Memon, Dorothée Vallot, Thomas Zwinger, Jan Åström, Helmut Neukirchen, Morris Riedel, and Matthias Book

Model code and software

Elmer-HiDEM Workflow UNICORE S. Memon, D. Vallot, M. Riedel, H. Neukirchen, T. Zwinger, and M. Book

HiDEM J. Todd and J. Åström

Scaling and Performance Improvements in Elmer/Ice T. Zwinger, M. Malinen, J. Ruokolainen, and P. Råback

Short summary
Scientific workflows enable complex scientific computational scenarios, which include data intensive scenarios, parametric executions, and interactive simulations. In this article, we applied the UNICORE workflow management system to automate a formerly hard-coded coupling of a glacier flow model and a calving model, which contain many tasks and dependencies, ranging from pre-processing and data management to repetitive executions on heterogeneous high-performance computing (HPC) resources.