Articles | Volume 12, issue 5
Model description paper
08 May 2019
Model description paper |  | 08 May 2019

A stochastic rupture earthquake code based on the fiber bundle model (TREMOL v0.1): application to Mexican subduction earthquakes

Marisol Monterrubio-Velasco, Quetzalcóatl Rodríguez-Pérez, Ramón Zúñiga, Doreen Scholz, Armando Aguilar-Meléndez, and Josep de la Puente

Model code and software

TREMOL_singlets M. Monterrubio-Velasco

Short summary
Earthquakes are the result of brittle failure within the heterogeneous crust of the Earth. In this article, we present a computer code called the stochasTic Rupture Earthquake MOdeL, TREMOL v0.1, developed to investigate the rupture process of asperities on the earthquake rupture surface. According to our results, TREMOL is able to simulate the magnitudes of real earthquakes, showing that it can be a powerful tool to deliver promising new insights into earthquake rupture processes.