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Model description paper
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03 Apr 2019
Model description paper | Highlight paper |  | 03 Apr 2019

Terrainbento 1.0: a Python package for multi-model analysis in long-term drainage basin evolution

Katherine R. Barnhart, Rachel C. Glade, Charles M. Shobe, and Gregory E. Tucker

Model code and software

terrainbento v1.0.0 source code K. Barnhart, R. Glade, C. Shobe, and G. Tucker

terrainbento v1.0.0 examples, tests, and tutorials K. Barnhart, R. Glade, C. Shobe, and G. Tucker

Short summary
Terrainbento 1.0 is a Python package for modeling the evolution of the surface of the Earth over geologic time (e.g., thousands to millions of years). Despite many decades of effort by the geomorphology community, there is no one established governing equation for the evolution of topography. Terrainbento 1.0 thus provides 28 alternative models that support hypothesis testing and multi-model analysis in landscape evolution.