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Model description paper
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27 Mar 2019
Model description paper | Highlight paper |  | 27 Mar 2019

Devito (v3.1.0): an embedded domain-specific language for finite differences and geophysical exploration

Mathias Louboutin, Michael Lange, Fabio Luporini, Navjot Kukreja, Philipp A. Witte, Felix J. Herrmann, Paulius Velesko, and Gerard J. Gorman

Model code and software

opesci/devito: Devito-3.1 M. Louboutin, F. Luporini, M. Lange, N. Kukreja, V. Pandolfo, P. Kazakas, S. Zhang, G. Gorman, J. Hueckelheim, P. Peng, P. Velesko, and D. McCormick

Short summary
This paper presents Devito, a Python-based software. The aim of this software is to provide a high-level simple interface to users for the description and discretization of the mathematical definition of the physics. This research initially started as an attempt to improve research time, portability, and performance in exploration geophysics. We present the latest version of the software that is already making an impact in academics and industry.