Articles | Volume 11, issue 3
Model description paper
12 Mar 2018
Model description paper |  | 12 Mar 2018

Modular System for Shelves and Coasts (MOSSCO v1.0) – a flexible and multi-component framework for coupled coastal ocean ecosystem modelling

Carsten Lemmen, Richard Hofmeister, Knut Klingbeil, M. Hassan Nasermoaddeli, Onur Kerimoglu, Hans Burchard, Frank Kösters, and Kai W. Wirtz

Data sets

High-resolution atmospheric reconstruction for Europe 1948–2012: coastDat2 B. Geyer

Model code and software

Modular System for Shelves and Coasts C. Lemmen, R. Hofmeister, K. Klingbeil, and M. H. Nasermoaddeli

Short summary
To describe coasts in a computer model, many processes have to be represented, from the air to the water to the ocean floor, from different scientific disciplines. No existing computer model adequately addresses this complexity. We present the Modular System for Shelves and Coasts (MOSSCO), which embraces this diversity and flexibly connects several tens of individual process models. MOSSCO also makes it easier to bring local knowledge to the Earth system level.