Articles | Volume 11, issue 4
Development and technical paper
19 Apr 2018
Development and technical paper |  | 19 Apr 2018

Continuous state-space representation of a bucket-type rainfall-runoff model: a case study with the GR4 model using state-space GR4 (version 1.0)

Léonard Santos, Guillaume Thirel, and Charles Perrin

Model code and software

GR4-State-space-version-1.0 L. Santos

Short summary
Many rainfall–runoff models are based on stores. However, the differential equations that describe the stores' evolution are rarely presented in literature. This represents an issue when the temporal resolution changes. In this work, we propose and evaluate a state-space version of a simple rainfall–runoff model within a robust resolution scheme. The results show that the proposed model performs equally well or slightly better than the original one and is independent of the temporal resolution.