Articles | Volume 11, issue 4
Model description paper
17 Apr 2018
Model description paper |  | 17 Apr 2018

Assimilating solar-induced chlorophyll fluorescence into the terrestrial biosphere model BETHY-SCOPE v1.0: model description and information content

Alexander J. Norton, Peter J. Rayner, Ernest N. Koffi, and Marko Scholze

Data sets

GOSAT gridded fluorescence ACOS B3.5 C. Frankenberg

Short summary
It is difficult to estimate how much CO2 plants absorb via photosynthesis and even more difficult to model this for the whole globe. Here, we present a framework to combine a new satellite measurement "solar-induced chlorophyll fluorescence" with a global photosynthesis model. We then quantify how this new measurement constrains model uncertainties and find highly effective constraint. These results pave a novel pathway for improving estimates and modelling abilities of photosynthesis globally.