Articles | Volume 11, issue 4
Model evaluation paper
03 Apr 2018
Model evaluation paper |  | 03 Apr 2018

A 4.5 km resolution Arctic Ocean simulation with the global multi-resolution model FESOM 1.4

Qiang Wang, Claudia Wekerle, Sergey Danilov, Xuezhu Wang, and Thomas Jung

Data sets

PHC: A global ocean hydrography with a high quality Arctic Ocean M. Steele, R. Morley, and W. Ermold<2079:PAGOHW>2.0.CO;2

CORE-II atmospheric forcing data W. G. Large, and S. G. Yeager

Model code and software

The Finite-Element Sea ice-Ocean Model (FESOM) Q. Wang, C. Wekerle, S. Danilov, X. Wang, and T. Jung

METIS version 5.1.0 G. Karypis

pARMS: a parallel version of the algebraic recursive multilevel solver Z. Li, Y. Saad, and M. Sosonkina

Short summary
For developing a system for Arctic research, we evaluate the Arctic Ocean simulated by FESOM. We use two global meshes differing in the horizontal resolution only in the Arctic Ocean (24 vs. 4.5 km). The high resolution significantly improves the model's representation of the Arctic Ocean. The most pronounced improvement is in the Arctic intermediate layer. The high resolution also improves the ocean surface circulation, mainly through a better representation of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago.