Articles | Volume 11, issue 3
Model evaluation paper
29 Mar 2018
Model evaluation paper |  | 29 Mar 2018

Calibrating the sqHIMMELI v1.0 wetland methane emission model with hierarchical modeling and adaptive MCMC

Jouni Susiluoto, Maarit Raivonen, Leif Backman, Marko Laine, Jarmo Makela, Olli Peltola, Timo Vesala, and Tuula Aalto

Model code and software

HIMMELI v1.0: HelsinkI Model of MEthane buiLd- up and emIssion for peatlands M. Raivonen, S. Smolander, L. Backman, J. Susiluoto, T. Aalto, T. Markkanen, J. Mäkelä, J. Rinne, O. Peltola, M. Aurela, A. Lohila, M. Tomasic, X. Li, T. Larmola, S. Juutinen, E.-S. Tuittila, M. Heimann, S. Sevanto, T. Kleinen, V. Brovkin, and T. Vesala

Short summary
Methane is an important greenhouse gas and methane emissions from wetlands contribute to the warming of the climate. Wetland methane emissions are also challenging to estimate. We analyze the performance of a new wetland emission computer model utilizing mathematical methods and using data from a wetland in southern Finland. The analysis helps to explain how wetlands produce methane and how emission modeling can be improved and uncertainties in the emission estimates reduced in future studies.