Articles | Volume 10, issue 11
Development and technical paper
17 Nov 2017
Development and technical paper |  | 17 Nov 2017

Numerical framework for the computation of urban flux footprints employing large-eddy simulation and Lagrangian stochastic modeling

Mikko Auvinen, Leena Järvi, Antti Hellsten, Üllar Rannik, and Timo Vesala

Model code and software

P4UL, Pre- and Post-Processing Python Library for Urban LES Simulations M. Auvinen

Short summary
Correct spatial interpretation of a micrometeorological measurement requires the determination of its effective source area, or footprint. In urban areas the use of analytical models becomes highly questionable. This work introduces a computational methodology that enables the generation of footprints for complex urban sites. The methodology is based on conducting high-resolution flow and particle analysis on a model that features a detailed topographic description of a real city environment.