Articles | Volume 10, issue 10
Model description paper
16 Oct 2017
Model description paper |  | 16 Oct 2017

A globally calibrated scheme for generating daily meteorology from monthly statistics: Global-WGEN (GWGEN) v1.0

Philipp S. Sommer and Jed O. Kaplan

Data sets

Global Historical Climatology Network - Daily (GHCN-Daily), Version 3.22 M. J. Menne, I. Durre, B. Korzeniewski, S. McNeill, K. Thomas, X. Yin, S. Anthony, R. Ray, R. S. Vose, B. E. Gleason, and T. G. Houston

Extended Edited Synoptic Cloud Reports from Ships and Land Stations Over the Globe, 1952-1996 (with Ship data updated through 2008) C. J. Hahn and S. G. Warren

Model code and software

GWGEN v1.0.2: A global weather generator for daily data P. S. Sommer and J. O. Kaplan

Short summary
We present GWGEN, a computer program for converting monthly climate data into estimates of daily weather, using statistical methods. The GWGEN weather generator program was developed using a global database of more than 5 million observations of daily weather, and it simulates daily values of minimum and maximum temperature, precipitation, cloud cover, and wind speed. GWGEN may be used in a range of applications, for example, in global vegetation, crop, soil erosion, or hydrological models.