Articles | Volume 10, issue 9
Development and technical paper
28 Sep 2017
Development and technical paper |  | 28 Sep 2017

Calibrating climate models using inverse methods: case studies with HadAM3, HadAM3P and HadCM3

Simon F. B. Tett, Kuniko Yamazaki, Michael J. Mineter, Coralia Cartis, and Nathan Eizenberg

Data sets

Using Optimisation Algorithms to tune Climate Models (OptClim): perturbed parameter configurations for HadAM3 and HadCM3 model runs S. F. B. Tett, N. Eizenberg, C. Cartis, K. Yamazaki, and M. Mineter

Short summary
The paper shows it is possible to automatically calibrate the parameters in the atmospheric component of two climate models. The resulting atmosphere–ocean models are often, but not always, stable and realistic. The computational cost to do this is feasible. The implications are that it is possible to generate multiple configurations of a single model with different parameter values but which all look similar to the standard model and that the techniques could be used to calibrate other models.