Articles | Volume 10, issue 1
Development and technical paper
16 Jan 2017
Development and technical paper |  | 16 Jan 2017

Reinitialised versus continuous regional climate simulations using ALARO-0 coupled to the land surface model SURFEXv5

Julie Berckmans, Olivier Giot, Rozemien De Troch, Rafiq Hamdi, Reinhart Ceulemans, and Piet Termonia

Data sets

SURFEX codes and ECOCLIMAP database SURFEX

Short summary
The regional climate of western Europe was simulated using an atmospheric and land surface model. This study aims at improving the coupling of the models, by applying an alternative method for the update frequency of the atmospheric and soil parameters. The results show that a daily update of the atmosphere and soil outperforms a continuous approach. However, keeping the land surface continuous but having daily atmospheric updates is preferable at times, as it benefits from soil moisture memory.