Articles | Volume 9, issue 1
Methods for assessment of models
29 Jan 2016
Methods for assessment of models |  | 29 Jan 2016

Distributed visualization of gridded geophysical data: the Carbon Data Explorer, version 0.2.3

K. A. Endsley and M. G. Billmire

Video supplement

The Carbon Data Explorer: Demonstration Video Endsley, K. Arthur; Billmire, Michael G.; Banach, David

Short summary
The Carbon Data Explorer is presented as a prototype application for data management, analysis, visualization, and sharing of Earth system science data sets, particularly gridded spatiotemporal data sets (e.g., NASA Level III data products) such as gridded climate model predictions and reanalysis data. In response to CMIP6, the Carbon Data Explorer provides a framework for the distributed analysis of climate model outputs. It is hoped that it will inspire the future development of similar tools.