Articles | Volume 9, issue 10
Geosci. Model Dev., 9, 3699–3728, 2016

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Geosci. Model Dev., 9, 3699–3728, 2016

Development and technical paper 19 Oct 2016

Development and technical paper | 19 Oct 2016

Ozone air quality simulations with WRF-Chem (v3.5.1) over Europe: model evaluation and chemical mechanism comparison

Kathleen A. Mar et al.

Data sets

ERA-Interim Reanalysis Data ECMWF

MOZART-4/GEOS-5 Global Model Simulations NCAR

Corine Land Cover 2006 raster data EEA

EMEP observational data NILU (Norwegian Institute for Air Research)

AirBase, The European Air Quality Database EEA

HTAP v2.2 anthropogenic emissions Emissions Database for Global Atmospheric Research (EDGAR)

Short summary
Ground-level ozone is an air pollutant with adverse effects on human and ecosystem health and is also a climate forcer with a significant warming effect. This paper presents the setup and evaluation of a model for ozone air quality over Europe. Within the model evaluation, we compare the use of two commonly used photochemical schemes, and we conclude that uncertainties in the representation of chemistry are important to consider when using air quality models for policy applications.