Articles | Volume 7, issue 5
Development and technical paper
30 Sep 2014
Development and technical paper |  | 30 Sep 2014

IL-GLOBO (1.0) – integrated Lagrangian particle model and Eulerian general circulation model GLOBO: development of the vertical diffusion module

D. Rossi and A. Maurizi

Abstract. The development and validation of the vertical diffusion module of IL-GLOBO, a Lagrangian transport model coupled online with the Eulerian general circulation model GLOBO, is described. The module simulates the effects of turbulence on particle motion by means of a Lagrangian stochastic model (LSM) consistently with the turbulent diffusion equation used in GLOBO. The implemented LSM integrates particle trajectories, using the native σ-hybrid coordinates of the Eulerian component, and fulfils the well-mixed condition (WMC) in the general case of a variable density profile. The module is validated through a series of 1-D offline numerical experiments by assessing its accuracy in maintaining an initially well-mixed distribution in the vertical. A dynamical time-step selection algorithm with constraints related to the shape of the diffusion coefficient profile is developed and discussed. Finally, the skills of a linear interpolation and a modified Akima spline interpolation method are compared, showing that both satisfy the WMC with significant differences in computational time. A preliminary run of the fully integrated 3-D model confirms the result only for the Akima interpolation scheme while the linear interpolation does not satisfy the WMC with a reasonable choice of the minimum integration time step.