Articles | Volume 6, issue 6
Development and technical paper
08 Nov 2013
Development and technical paper |  | 08 Nov 2013

EMPOL 1.0: a new parameterization of pollen emission in numerical weather prediction models

K. Zink, A. Pauling, M. W. Rotach, H. Vogel, P. Kaufmann, and B. Clot

Abstract. Simulating pollen concentrations with numerical weather prediction (NWP) systems requires a parameterization for pollen emission. We have developed a parameterization that is adaptable for different plant species. Both biological and physical processes of pollen emission are taken into account by parameterizing emission as a two-step process: (1) the release of the pollen from the flowers, and (2) their entrainment into the atmosphere. Key factors influencing emission are temperature, relative humidity, the turbulent kinetic energy and precipitation.

We have simulated the birch pollen season of 2012 using the NWP system COSMO-ART (Consortium for Small-scale Modelling – Aerosols and Reactive Trace Gases), both with a parameterization already present in the model and with our new parameterization EMPOL. The statistical results show that the performance of the model can be enhanced by using EMPOL.