Articles | Volume 17, issue 2
Development and technical paper
25 Jan 2024
Development and technical paper |  | 25 Jan 2024

A simple and realistic aerosol emission approach for use in the Thompson–Eidhammer microphysics scheme in the NOAA UFS Weather Model (version GSL global-24Feb2022)

Haiqin Li, Georg A. Grell, Ravan Ahmadov, Li Zhang, Shan Sun, Jordan Schnell, and Ning Wang

Data sets

Source code and data for aerosol emission and indirect feedback paper (Version v1) Haiqin Li et al.

NCEP GFS 0.25 Degree Global Forecast Grids Historical Archive, updated daily National Centers for Environmental Prediction/National Weather Service/NOAA/U.S. Department of Commerce (NCEP)

Short summary
We developed a simple and realistic method to provide aerosol emissions for aerosol-aware microphysics in a numerical weather forecast model. The cloud-radiation differences between the experimental (EXP) and control (CTL) experiments responded to the aerosol differences. The strong positive precipitation biases over North America and Europe from the CTL run were significantly reduced in the EXP run. This study shows that a realistic representation of aerosol emissions should be considered.