Articles | Volume 17, issue 10
Methods for assessment of models
23 May 2024
Methods for assessment of models |  | 23 May 2024

An objective identification technique for potential vorticity structures associated with African easterly waves

Christoph Fischer, Andreas H. Fink, Elmar Schömer, Marc Rautenhaus, and Michael Riemer

Data sets

AEWDAT - African Easterly Waves: Identified and Tracked Wave Troughs C. Fischer et al.

Identified Potential Vorticity Structures associated with African Easterly Waves C. Fischer et al.

Model code and software

enstools-feature: A framework for identification and tracking of meteorological features C. Fischer

Short summary
This study presents a method for identifying and tracking 3-D potential vorticity structures within African easterly waves (AEWs). Each identified structure is characterized by descriptors, including its 3-D position and orientation, which have been validated through composite comparisons. A trough-centric perspective on the descriptors reveals the evolution and distinct characteristics of AEWs. These descriptors serve as valuable statistical inputs for the study of AEW-related phenomena.