Articles | Volume 17, issue 9
Model description paper
15 May 2024
Model description paper |  | 15 May 2024

FUME 2.0 – Flexible Universal processor for Modeling Emissions

Michal Belda, Nina Benešová, Jaroslav Resler, Peter Huszár, Ondřej Vlček, Pavel Krč, Jan Karlický, Pavel Juruš, and Kryštof Eben

Data sets

FUME user cases N. Benešová et al.

Model code and software

FUME Official 2.0 release M. Belda et al.

Short summary
For modeling atmospheric chemistry, it is necessary to provide data on emissions of pollutants. These can come from various sources and in various forms, and preprocessing of the data to be ingestible by chemistry models can be quite challenging. We developed the FUME processor to use a database layer that internally transforms all input data into a rigid structure, facilitating further processing to allow for emission processing from the continental to the street scale.