Articles | Volume 16, issue 22
Methods for assessment of models
20 Nov 2023
Methods for assessment of models |  | 20 Nov 2023

Technology to aid the analysis of large-volume multi-institute climate model output at a central analysis facility (PRIMAVERA Data Management Tool V2.10)

Jon Seddon, Ag Stephens, Matthew S. Mizielinski, Pier Luigi Vidale, and Malcolm J. Roberts

Data sets

MetOffice/primavera-dmt v1.0.6 Generic DMT for ongoing community development Jon Seddon

Deliverable D9.5 Publication of the PRIMAVERA Stream 2 Data Set Jon Seddon

Model code and software

PRIMAVERA-H2020/primavera-dmt V2.10 Jon Seddon and Ag Stephens

PRIMAVERA-H2020/primavera-val V1.0 Jon Seddon

PRIMAVERA-H2020/cmip6-cmor-tables: Version 01.00.23 D. Nadeau, J. Seddon, J. Vegas-Regidor, J. Kettleborough, and E. Hogan Javier Vegas-Regidor Jamie Kettleborough Emma Hogan

Short summary
The PRIMAVERA project aimed to develop a new generation of advanced global climate models. The large volume of data generated was uploaded to a central analysis facility (CAF) and was analysed by 100 PRIMAVERA scientists there. We describe how the PRIMAVERA project used the CAF's facilities to enable users to analyse this large dataset. We believe that similar, multi-institute, big-data projects could also use a CAF to efficiently share, organise and analyse large volumes of data.