Articles | Volume 16, issue 20
Model description paper
17 Oct 2023
Model description paper |  | 17 Oct 2023

Introducing a new floodplain scheme in ORCHIDEE (version 7885): validation and evaluation over the Pantanal wetlands

Anthony Schrapffer, Jan Polcher, Anna Sörensson, and Lluís Fita

Data sets

Experiment for the validation and evaluation of the floodplains scheme in ORCHIDEE Anthony Schrapffer, Jan Polcher, Anna Sörensson, and Lluis Fita

Global Lakes and Wetlands Database WWF \url{}

Model code and software

The pre-processor for ORCHIDEE's routing scheme (Version used for Polcher et al. 2022, GMD) Jan Polcher, Anthony Scrapffer, and Lucia Rinchiuso

Short summary
The present paper introduces a floodplain scheme for a high-resolution land surface model river routing. It was developed and evaluated over one of the world’s largest floodplains: the Pantanal in South America. This shows the impact of tropical floodplains on land surface conditions (soil moisture, temperature) and on land–atmosphere fluxes and highlights the potential impact of floodplains on land–atmosphere interactions and the importance of integrating this module in coupled simulations.