Articles | Volume 16, issue 17
Methods for assessment of models
06 Sep 2023
Methods for assessment of models |  | 06 Sep 2023

Use of threshold parameter variation for tropical cyclone tracking

Bernhard M. Enz, Jan P. Engelmann, and Ulrike Lohmann

Data sets

Data Used for the Publication "Use of Threshold Parameter Variation for Tropical Cyclone Tracking" Bernhard Enz

Model code and software

TC Tracking Algorithm for Use with ICON Bernhard Enz and Jan Engelmann

Short summary
An algorithm to track tropical cyclones in model simulation data has been developed. The algorithm uses many combinations of varying parameter thresholds to detect weaker phases of tropical cyclones while still being resilient to false positives. It is shown that the algorithm performs well and adequately represents the tropical cyclone activity of the underlying simulation data. The impact of false positives on overall tropical cyclone activity is shown to be insignificant.