Articles | Volume 16, issue 11
Model description paper
15 Jun 2023
Model description paper |  | 15 Jun 2023

LandInG 1.0: a toolbox to derive input datasets for terrestrial ecosystem modelling at variable resolutions from heterogeneous sources

Sebastian Ostberg, Christoph Müller, Jens Heinke, and Sibyll Schaphoff

Model code and software

Code for LandInG v.1.0 sample application at 5 arc-minute and 30 arc-minute resolution Sebastian Ostberg

Short summary
We present a new toolbox for generating input datasets for terrestrial ecosystem models from diverse and partially conflicting data sources. The toolbox documents the sources and processing of data and is designed to make inconsistencies between source datasets transparent so that users can make their own decisions on how to resolve these should they not be content with our default assumptions. As an example, we use the toolbox to create input datasets at two different spatial resolutions.