Articles | Volume 16, issue 11
Development and technical paper
14 Jun 2023
Development and technical paper |  | 14 Jun 2023

Adding sea ice effects to a global operational model (NEMO v3.6) for forecasting total water level: approach and impact

Pengcheng Wang and Natacha B. Bernier

Data sets

Marine Environmental Data Section Archive DFO

Tides & water levels National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Sea level measured by tide gauges from global oceans - the Joint Archive for Sea Level holdings (NCEI Accession 0019568), Version 5.5 P. C. Caldwell, M. A. Merrifield, and P. R. Thompson

In situ near real time sea level data European Marine Observation and Data Network

In-situ measurements of ice and surface current velocities collected at an offshore mooring J. Thomson, E. Eidam, and L. Hosekova

Fast ice extent U.S. National Ice Center

Model code and software

NEMO v3.6 with the addition of the parameterized ice-ocean stress P. Wang

Short summary
Effects of sea ice are typically neglected in operational flood forecast systems. In this work, we capture these effects via the addition of a parameterized ice–ocean stress. The parameterization takes advantage of forecast fields from an advanced ice–ocean model and features a novel, consistent representation of the tidal relative ice–ocean velocity. The new parameterization leads to improved forecasts of tides and storm surges in polar regions. Associated physical processes are discussed.