Articles | Volume 16, issue 11
Development and technical paper
09 Jun 2023
Development and technical paper |  | 09 Jun 2023

A comparison of 3-D spherical shell thermal convection results at low to moderate Rayleigh number using ASPECT (version 2.2.0) and CitcomS (version 3.3.1)

Grant T. Euen, Shangxin Liu, Rene Gassmöller, Timo Heister, and Scott D. King

Data sets

Data associated with "A Comparison of 3-D Spherical Shell Thermal Convection results at Low to Moderate Rayleigh Number using ASPECT (version 2.2.0) and CitcomS (version 3.3.1)" Grant Euen, Shangxin Liu, Rene Gassmöller, Timo Heister, and Scott King

Model code and software

ASPECT v2.2.0 (v2.2.0) Wolfgang Bangerth, Juliane Dannberg, Rene Gassmoeller, and Timo Heister

CitcomS v3.3.1 (v3.3.1) Louis Moresi, Shijie Zhong, Lijie Han, Clint Conrad, Eh Tan, Michael Gurnis, Eunseo Choi, Pururav Thoutireddy, Vlad Manea, Allen McNamara, Thorsten Becker, Wei Leng, and Luis Armendariz

Short summary
Due to the increasing availability of high-performance computing over the past few decades, numerical models have become an important tool for research. Here we test two geodynamic codes that produce such models: ASPECT, a newer code, and CitcomS, an older one. We show that they produce solutions that are extremely close. As methods and codes become more complex over time, showing reproducibility allows us to seamlessly link previously known information to modern methodologies.