Articles | Volume 16, issue 9
Model description paper
09 May 2023
Model description paper |  | 09 May 2023

Modelling the role of livestock grazing in C and N cycling in grasslands with LPJmL5.0-grazing

Jens Heinke, Susanne Rolinski, and Christoph Müller

Data sets

ISIMIP3a atmospheric climate input data (v1.0) Stefan Lange, Matthias Mengel, Simon Treu, and Matthias Büchner

ISIMIP3a atmospheric composition input data (v1.2) Matthias Büchner and Christopher Reyer

ISIMIP3b N-deposition input data (v1.0) Jia Yang and Hanqin Tian

Model code and software

LPJmL5.0-grazing Model Code Jens Heinke, Susanne Rolinski, and Christoph Müller

Short summary
We develop a livestock module for the global vegetation model LPJmL5.0 to simulate the impact of grazing dairy cattle on carbon and nitrogen cycles in grasslands. A novelty of the approach is that it accounts for the effect of feed quality on feed uptake and feed utilization by animals. The portioning of dietary nitrogen into milk, feces, and urine shows very good agreement with estimates obtained from animal trials.