Articles | Volume 15, issue 18
Methods for assessment of models
26 Sep 2022
Methods for assessment of models |  | 26 Sep 2022

Analog data assimilation for the selection of suitable general circulation models

Juan Ruiz, Pierre Ailliot, Thi Tuyet Trang Chau, Pierre Le Bras, Valérie Monbet, Florian Sévellec, and Pierre Tandeo

Data sets

AnDA-SPEEDY code version 1.0.0 J. Ruiz and P. Tandeo

Model code and software

AnDA code version 1.0.0 P. Tandeo and P. Navaro

Short summary
We present a new approach to validate numerical simulations of the current climate. The method can take advantage of existing climate simulations produced by different centers combining an analog forecasting approach with data assimilation to quantify how well a particular model reproduces a sequence of observed values. The method can be applied with different observations types and is implemented locally in space and time significantly reducing the associated computational cost.