Articles | Volume 15, issue 8
Model evaluation paper
22 Apr 2022
Model evaluation paper |  | 22 Apr 2022

On the application and grid-size sensitivity of the urban dispersion model CAIRDIO v2.0 under real city weather conditions

Michael Weger, Holger Baars, Henriette Gebauer, Maik Merkel, Alfred Wiedensohler, and Bernd Heinold

Data sets

CAIRDIO simulation results and air-quality observations for Leipzig Michael Weger and Bernd Heinold

Model code and software

CAIRDIO City-Scale Air Dispersion Model with Diffusive Obstacles Michael Weger, Bernd Heinold, and Oswald Knoth

Short summary
Numerical models are an important tool to assess the air quality in cities, as they can provide near-continouos data in time and space. In this paper, air pollution for an entire city is simulated at a high spatial resolution of 40 m. At this spatial scale, the effects of buildings on the atmosphere, like channeling or blocking of the air flow, are directly represented by diffuse obstacles in the used model CAIRDIO. For model validation, measurements from air-monitoring sites are used.