Articles | Volume 14, issue 11
Development and technical paper
04 Nov 2021
Development and technical paper |  | 04 Nov 2021

dh2loop 1.0: an open-source Python library for automated processing and classification of geological logs

Ranee Joshi, Kavitha Madaiah, Mark Jessell, Mark Lindsay, and Guillaume Pirot

Model code and software

Loop3D/dh2loop: dh2loop first release (Version v1.0.0) Ranee Joshi, Kavitha Madaiah, and Mark Jessell

Short summary
We have developed a software that allows the user to extract and standardize drill hole information from legacy datasets and/or different drilling campaigns. It also provides functionality to upscale the lithological information. These functionalities were possible by developing thesauri to identify and group geological terminologies together.