Articles | Volume 14, issue 10
Model description paper
07 Oct 2021
Model description paper |  | 07 Oct 2021

A model for marine sedimentary carbonate diagenesis and paleoclimate proxy signal tracking: IMP v1.0

Yoshiki Kanzaki, Dominik Hülse, Sandra Kirtland Turner, and Andy Ridgwell

Model code and software

imuds/iMP: Revised for GMD (v1.0) Yoshiki Kanzaki and Dominik Hülse

Short summary
Sedimentary carbonate plays a central role in regulating Earth’s carbon cycle and climate, and also serves as an archive of paleoenvironments, hosting various trace elements/isotopes. To help obtain true environmental changes from carbonate records over diagenetic distortion, IMP has been newly developed and has the capability to simulate the diagenesis of multiple carbonate particles and implement different styles of particle mixing by benthos using an adapted transition matrix method.