Articles | Volume 14, issue 9
Model description paper
02 Sep 2021
Model description paper |  | 02 Sep 2021

The Grell–Freitas (GF) convection parameterization: recent developments, extensions, and applications

Saulo R. Freitas, Georg A. Grell, and Haiqin Li

Data sets

GF-GMD/SCM & forcing data Haiqin Li

Model code and software

GF-GMD/ccpp-physics: GMD-paper branch Haiqin Li, Georg A. Grell, and Saulo R. Freitas

Short summary
Convection parameterization (CP) is a component of atmospheric models aiming to represent the statistical effects of subgrid-scale convective clouds. Because the atmosphere contains circulations with a broad spectrum of scales, the truncation needed to run models in computers requires the introduction of parameterizations to account for processes that are not explicitly resolved. We detail recent developments in the Grell–Freitas CP, which has been applied in several regional and global models.