Articles | Volume 14, issue 6
Development and technical paper
30 Jun 2021
Development and technical paper |  | 30 Jun 2021

ESM-Tools version 5.0: a modular infrastructure for stand-alone and coupled Earth system modelling (ESM)

Dirk Barbi, Nadine Wieters, Paul Gierz, Miguel Andrés-Martínez, Deniz Ural, Fatemeh Chegini, Sara Khosravi, and Luisa Cristini

Model code and software

ESM-Tools D. Barbi, P. Gierz, N. Wieters, L. Cristini, J. Streffing, M. Andrés-Martinez, J. Kjellsson, S. Wahl, and D. Ural

esm_tools esm-tools