Articles | Volume 13, issue 3
Model description paper
06 Mar 2020
Model description paper |  | 06 Mar 2020

A one-dimensional model of turbulent flow through “urban” canopies (MLUCM v2.0): updates based on large-eddy simulation

Negin Nazarian, E. Scott Krayenhoff, and Alberto Martilli

Model code and software

Multi-Layer Urban Canopy Model V2.0 (MLUCM V2.0) Negin Nazarian, Alberto Martilli, E. Scott Krayenhoff

Short summary
We present an update to the Multi-Layer Urban Canopy Model by revisiting the parameterization of length scales based on high-resolution and validated large-eddy simulations. Additionally, the inclusion of dispersive fluxes in the parameterization schemes are also discussed. The results demonstrate that updated parameterizations improve the accuracy of the vertical exchange of momentum in the street canyon.