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Model experiment description paper
22 Dec 2020
Model experiment description paper |  | 22 Dec 2020

Evaluating and improving the treatment of gases in radiation schemes: the Correlated K-Distribution Model Intercomparison Project (CKDMIP)

Robin J. Hogan and Marco Matricardi

Model code and software

CKDMIP: Correlated K-Distribution Model Intercomparison Project Home R. J. Hogan

Short summary
A key component of computer models used to predict weather and climate is the radiation scheme, which calculates how solar and infrared radiation heats and cools the atmosphere and surface, including the important role of greenhouse gases. This paper describes the experimental protocol and large datasets for a new project, CKDMIP, to evaluate and improve the accuracy of the treatment of atmospheric gases in the radiation schemes used worldwide, as well as their computational speed.