Articles | Volume 13, issue 12
Model description paper
21 Dec 2020
Model description paper |  | 21 Dec 2020

GenChem v1.0 – a chemical pre-processing and testing system for atmospheric modelling

David Simpson, Robert Bergström, Alan Briolat, Hannah Imhof, John Johansson, Michael Priestley, and Alvaro Valdebenito

Model code and software

metno/genchem: GenChem v1.0 D. Simpson, R. Bergström, A. Briolat, H. Imhof, J. Johansson, M. Priestley, and A. Valdebenito

Open Source EMEP/MSC-W model rv4.36 (202011) EMEP MSC-W

Short summary
This paper outlines the structure and usage of the GenChem system, which includes a chemical pre-processor ( and a simple box model (boxChem). GenChem provides scripts and input files for converting chemical equations into differential form for use in atmospheric chemical transport models (CTMs) and/or the boxChem system. Although GenChem is primarily intended for users of the EMEP MSC-W CTM and related systems, boxChem can be run as a stand-alone chemical solver.